Zesty&Strong: Join the favourite fitness studio of LIL mums!

[size=150]Step into 2018 in ZEST: join the favourite fitness studio of LIL mums[/size]
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Happy Zesty New Year!

"People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and New Year, when it matters is what they eat and how they train between New Year and Christmas". Get Zesty!

Join our great zesty workout and community: Zest For Life Studio (marionbignone.zumba.com) is a hidden true oasis of vitality and wellbeing!

  • I offer a variety of classes - simply come along to any zesty hour classes starting every morning at 9am - ). A small group of 5-8 mums per class and a real personal touch will welcome you. We enjoy indoor & outdoor (when we can) classes. Discover a new energy inside out!

I created my personal programme called Zesty Hour, a fitness cocktail of invigorating toning circuit workouts,
dynamic zumba dance and stretching relaxing sequences. Find out by visiting my page marionbignone.zumba.com/price-timetable.

For 2018 and the new year, enjoy my new challenge called Zesty Buddy Challenge: i hope this would help you enrol and get fitter. Simply pick up one of your best friends or pair Up with another zesty girl to go to the next level! Having a workout buddy can often make all the difference to your results.

Is this familiar? It’s a rainy day, you’re tired and hungry, and the last thing you want to do right now is exercise. :slight_smile: Therefore this challenge will help you as next time there will be one thing standing between you and the greasy spoon or your couch: YOUR ZESTY BUDDY! From the 15th of the January and for as long as you want (I would recommend at least 5 weeks), enjoy the benefits of a workout buddy partner!
Find all the details at marionbignone.zumba.com/zesty-bu … enge-jan18

In summary, let me welcome you to my blissful garden studio to share an invigorating and unique hour of Zesty Fitness! To book your session and see class timetable, simply click here
or alternatively, email me at [email protected]

Zesty regards,
Founder of Zest For Life STUDIO
Personal Trainer
Zumba Instructor