'Zest Up to Light Up' Lockdown Weeks. It is Zest Online O'clock again

While LIL mums’s preferred fitness garden boutique studio Zest For Life studio has NO choice to move ONLINE for one month, we have the CHOICE HOW TO EMBRACE this second lockdown:*
We will not let it ruin our results, fitness goals and mental health.

So let’s embrace this second round to GO FURTHER TOGETHER once more time.

Things may feel uncertain, frustrating for you right now. However, there are some things that we learnt from Spring and** we know we have 4 SOLID WEEKS to achieve a GOAL, to set us a rewarding, energising target so **…

Get your ’ Zest For Life ’ UP
and join me for ‘Zest Up to Light Up’ Weeks.

Yes, it is darker outside!
Yes, this second round feels harder! But did you know that November means also ENLIGHTENMENT
-acting in a positive way, illuminate, give a spiritual insight

Discover the world of Online Zesty Fitness

  • A morning and afternoon Live Zoom Zesty Fitness class waiting for you EVERYDAY.

  • A variety of classes to choose from: Hitt, Pilate, Yoga Inspired, Mobility, Zumba, Toning Barre, Family class.

  • Special Unlimited Lockdown Solution Packages to get the most of zesty fitness.

  • Teens/ Kids Zumba, Fitness and Yoga Kids Online live class to bring movement and fun to your children. Teens (11+) on Tuesdays at 5.15 and Kids (&-10 yo) on Thursdays at 4.30pm. £5 only per household. 45 min

  • New Family Friday Zumba Fever to end the week together, share memories and ease tension. 5.30Pm. 30 min

visit zestforlifestudio.com or write to me on zestforlifestudio.com or message me on my instagram account MarionZesty.