where to do ID photos for French passport

Would anyone have some tips / could recommend a place where to get photo IDs in the right format required for a French passport renewal in London?
Thanks in advance

Chemists are your best bet. Traditional ones, not the likes of Boots. They often have a blue/white background and the portable equipement. They know the passport photos requirements. They will have a Photi ID sign sticker on their window. Alternatively, you will find small Kodak corner shops in most tourist-heavy areas, Piccadilly, Mayfair etc.

You can go to Snappy Snaps in Edgware (93 Station Rd, Edgware, HA8 7JG).
Bye :slight_smile:

In the end we did them in the photo booth located in the Asda in front of LIL, as it happens to be the same company as our French Photomaton photo booths and the pictures were accepted by the French consulate!