Where do you buy super fresh fish in North West London?

Food being a primary worry on my (French) mind, I recently asked this question via our weekly e-mail to the parents of Lycee International de Londres and the answers were overwhelming. So here they are!In Edgware (HA8 7DB), Nat Jacobs has a reasonable selection of fish but no crustaceans; and the parking is quasi-impossible on the super busy high street. Burnt Oak Fish Market (HA8 5EP) is a bit further South on the M5, has a good selection of fish (although none of the more expensive such as monk fish, turbot or sole) and crustaceans (mussels, crab, scallops); parking is more straightforward; and there are a number of greengrocers and butchers next door. Wing Yip (NW2 6LN) is a large Chinese food supermarket in Cricklewood but their fish selection is very limited according to my informant. Online, I have tried the Whitby Catch (battlersgreenfarm.co.uk/reta … esail.html).

I said I would try it and I have just received my first order from “The Cornish Fishmonger” (http://www.thecornishfishmonger.co.uk) and I am delighted - order made yesterday 8am arrived today 10am! (you need to order before 10am for next-day delivery). All super fresh, well cleaned and vacuum packed. Only slight annoyance with the mussels - they did need a lot of washes. But all in all very very pleased. Another address to add to my list :smiley: