What cultural activities in confinement?

Here are a few of my ideas to keep our brains going – PLEASE DO SHARE YOURS! I am very keen on French book recommendations if you have any!

If you’re desperate for a stroll around a museum, Google Arts and Culture offers virtual visits of hundreds of museums here – to be honest there are so many that it’s actually hard to choose! My personal choice is highly influenced by what I’ve already visited – the MoMA and Guggenheim in New York, the Getty in Los Angeles, various place in the Netherlands, and Orsay which I adore; but even if you have already seen them, it is a wonderful way to show your kids places you love!

Google Street view also offers virtual tours of major World sites , such as the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Angkor Temples in Cambodia, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and many many more. Not sure it is such a good thing to fantasise on travels in the current environment though…

And obviously books are you best friends in the current circumstances (as in most circumstances I would say!). The latest books I’ve read and truly loved were Girl, Women, Other by Bernardine Evaristo and The Testaments (which should be read after The Handmaid’s Tale) by Margaret Atwood – they were jointly awarded the 2019 Booker Prize for Fiction and are amazing books. I also liked Sweet Sorrows by David Nicholls and Blood by Maggie Gee. And for plenty of previous recommendation - here for English books for adults; here for English books for kids; and here for three very useful self-help books.

And some recommendations from one of our great English primary teacher:




And more recommendation from my son’s wonderful French teacher:

  • Claude Ponti, auteur de littérature jeunesse, propose chaque jour une page d’album à réaliser seul pour fabriquer son propre ouvrage de littérature, avec dessins à colorier

Lien vers les consignes et matériel

  • La peinture maison pour le bain, facile à faire, pour peindre la baignoire et se laver en même temps

Tuto peinture bain

  • 50 idées d’activités pendant le confinement


  • des Podcasts jeunesse sur le site de France Culture :

Avec des bds, des albums jeunesse lus, …

et France Inter : Une histoire et Oli

  • plusieurs grandes maisons d’éditions proposent des ouvrages en ligne gratuits :

BD chez Delcourt

BD chez Dupuis