WenbleyWonderful #146 - The joy of home-made meals... without cooking!

Welcome to the 146th edition of WembleyWonderful ! Last week, I had an intense bout of chronic fatigue – I carry mononucleosis (more precisely the Epstein Barr virus) and this happens to me quite regularly, usually driving me completely mad! However, for the first time ever, I just decided to do nothing and wait for it to go… and after three days it did! And I thought this might be the best way to fight the gloom around this all Coronavirus and lockdown situation: stop complaining, stop being annoyed, and wait for better days. Given my low patience threshold we’ll see how these good intentions last… ENJOY AND KEEP POSTING YOUR ADDS ON www.wembleywonderful.com! AND PASS THIS E-MAIL ON TO NEW LIL PARENTS! [email protected]


Pretty cushions for Christmas anyone? My very good friend Helen hand-makes the most beautiful, high quality, hugely versatile cushions you’ve ever seen , from velvet so dense you want to stroke it all day! I’ve had mine for several years now and they (still) look stunning – I just need a bigger house to buy more! In the meantime, I recommend warmly that you have a look (special mention to her Instagram account), they are the perfect Christmas gift … to yourself maybe? But be quick: being hand-made, they need to be ordered soon for Christmas delivery. More details here.

Fancy a bit of sweat during lockdown ? Vanessa offers Zoom Zumba and HIT classes in the evenings and at the weekend; and for the same fee the all family can participate - see details here. And Marion has transferred her studio classes online too. She runs classes every day, for adults and children, and there is a huge variety to choose from: Hit, Pilate, Yoga Inspired, Mobility, Zumba, Toning Barre. More details here.

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Most people think I am an over-active freak who manages to sew and knit her own clothes, bake her own bread and make her own yogurts while juggling four kids - you know, those women EVERYONE hates. But do you want to know my little secret? For 18 months, I never cooked a single meal during the school week. My little fairy did: Elisa!

Elisa is a wonderful school mum and an even more wonderful cook. And when, after hitting a wall, I decided that I just had had enough of making the same family meals in cycle, she saved our family dinners! And she also gave me the back the joy of cooking.

Through “O Saveurs d’Elisa”, Elisa now offers a set menus of meals to choose and order from – these includes couscous, tagine, curries, bread, Friday specials, and many others – in either 4 of 6-people portions (and believe me, her portions are generous). There is also a massive desserts menu and having tried the Royal recently, my family can certify this is really high-level patisserie (I cannot certify anything myself unfortunately, as I am allergic to most things desserts are made of, bouhouhou…). All clients are welcome, one-offs and regulars. And the best bit is… you can get your meals delivered at the school run! On my request Elisa has put all details here but don’t hesitate to contact her directly.

So while we’re all locked-down and unable to go to the restaurant when we want a break from the kitchen, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Give it a go!

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Merci Elisenne!!! De très jolis textes.
J’espère que tu vas bien. Te voir tous les jeudis me manquent beaucoup.

Comment se passe ton projet architecte ?

Et j’ai essayé une session de yoga avec Sandrine samedi matin.
Plein de zest.