WembleyWonderul Tips #103 - Tidying-Up Gadgets

The tidying-up frenzy that caught before Christmas has not left; and as soon as we got back from holiday I continued my in-depth review of (all) our cupboards – definitely not the best way to relax after 12 loads of washing and with a 5-hour jetlag, as Mr WembleyWonderful cleverly noticed! Oh well…

But I find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one: tidying-up is a bit like dieting, one of those great new-year resolutions that don’t last… So let’s enjoy while we can: here are my favourite tidying-up gadgets across the house:

  • For all clothes cupboards , I use very specific hangers: wooden ones like these for coats and like these for skirts; and thin metal one with shoulders like these for all the rest (the should are keys for avoiding that the items slip!).
  • For the bathroom , I like these transparent drawers chest for my make-up and our recurrent medicine (I also use them for sun glasses). I match them with these transparent pen pots, which I use for cream tubes, cotton wool pads and ear buds (and of course not for pens!).
  • In the kitchen , I am a huge fan of glass jars - I used to like these Alessi ones, because I found them funny; but these Branbantia stackable ones are now my favourite, because they are so much more practical.
  • For random items like washbags, gym kits, tennis rackets, swimming-pool stuff and so on, I am addicted to the IKEA SKUBB boxes, in particular these ones, they have the perfect size to fit into standard size cupboards.
  • In the kids’ playroom , I use one again SKUBB – the smaller boxes and the two-drawer unit (needless to say the house is full if KALLAX IKEA cupboards for kids’ stuff, where these fit perfectly). For magazine I use these magazine racks (no I am not paid by OSCO for advertising, I promise!).
  • And I could go on and on…

By now you will have worked out I am a bit OCD… Obviously if tidying-up is not your thing, you’ll be glad to hear that some people can do it for you, it’s their job! – such as Isabelle, a lovely school mum. Maybe I should have mentioned this from scratch, to save you the time of reading this article, but I told you I was mischievous…


Thanks Elisenne for your great post… I hire you! I have nothing to add. I can only confirm that having an organised house makes any busy parents’ life much easier and calmer. So if this is your dream but life keeps coming on your way I can help you to reach your ideal home sweet home. Isabelle

Do hire me Isabelle, I am fascinated by your job!!!

Si mon activité Sky rocket je te fais signe… :rofl:

IDea for your space


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