WembleyWonderful Tips #92: English Books Recommendations

The first thing I did when we moved to London was to buy a Kindle, to be able to read all the French books I wanted without having to wait for Amazon.fr to deliver them – at the time I did not know the trick (thanks Helene!) to order them from Amazon.co.uk; and I was very French-centric in my reading choices.

But recently, it occurred to me that it was all very good to boast about having lived in the UK for nearly 20 years, but that it was a disgrace not to have better knowledge of English literature, old or new! So finding nice English books is my new crusade, and I thought it would be nice to share some recent finds , often not translated yet in English.

First the classics , which you can definitely find translations for, but which are so much nicer to read in English! I am a big fan of 19th French century novels (Zola, Flaubert, Proust and the likes) but 19th century English literature just does not compare, it is just fabulous! Maybe because it is women-dominated; or maybe because the world described it so different from the French one, I don’t know. Among my favourites: all the Bronte novels, all the Jane Austen novels, Rebecca by Daphne du Laurier, A Christmas Carol by Dickens.

As for more recent books , it took me ages to find a source of good recommendations (no “Le Monde des Livres” here I’m afraid). The FT Weekend works well for me – the edition is massive so to find your way, the book recommendations are within the “Life and Arts” section. It covers all type of literature, not just economy and finance.

My favourites novels:

On the medical theme:

And on a lighter note, the very funny ones:

And my absolute bible to understand the English culture:

Watching the English by Kate Fox

I hope you will find pleasure in reading some of these books – and if you have recommendations for me do send them through!!

Thank you Elisenne ! I bought 3 of your recommended books!

Oh that’s very exciting thanks!!! Can I be nosy, I’d love to know which ones.