WembleyWonderful Tips #88: Get Ready for the Summer Sales

Given the weather has been so horrible this spring, it is likely that the summer sales are going to be wonderful this year, starting very early and offering a wealth of bargains!! So definitely time to get ready!!!

As there are no restrictions as to when sales kick in in the UK (unlike France), some brands have already started their sales – such as Sandro, Claudie Pierlot or LK Bennet. Even cheeky Cyrillus in France already started their private sales to existing customers, a month ahead of the official French sales season – not very worthwhile though (anything less than 40% does not cut the mustard for me!!).

But this important point is: what sales should you be looking forward to? This year I will remain faithful to NetAPorter , which stocks most designer brands and becomes somewhat more affordable on sale; and to Tory Burch, which is my favourite brand ever for clothes, shoes and handbags. I will keep an eye on the Aubade website for their beautiful lingerie – you need to get in early if you want to buy a set with both top and bottom in your size (always useful…); and they usually discount up to 40% from the outset. And now that I can wear unreasonably pointy high heels again after foot surgery, I am definitely planning to follow closely the sales at Gianvito Rossi; for comfort at the beach I will certainly buy more Melissa pretty, marshmallow-smelling, rubber-made shoes. And after discovering Harrods under a new light recently (I hadn’t realised that they also stock affordable brands!), a trip there is on my to do-list too.

As for sales for the children, my go-to brands are currently Cyrillus (but I’ll wait for the proper French sales) and Mayoral – so I’ll be getting next years’ wardrobe ready as soon as the sales start there. For shoes, I tend to get school shoes on sale (or not, depending how urgently we need them) from Start-Rite ; and all summer sandals from Salt Water, they are amazingly comfy/sturdy/in waterproof amazing leather, but they are full price I’m afraid…

And despite summer sales coming up, do not forget they are sample sales are happening all the time in London, where you can get items discounted far beyond the usual 50% mark – this website lists quite a few of them; and since my new Instagram addiction started, I’ve been following the Music Rooms, which hosts many of these events.

So wishing to all a happy summer sales season!!