WembleyWonderful Tips #86: Let's Barbecue

Except if it snows in the next few weeks (unlikely but you never know…), the barbecue season is now in full steam (the pun was not intended actually…)! So I thought it would be nice to think about how to enjoy it at its best: what to cook, what to drink and what appliances to use.

Appliances-wise , this is not really my passion to be honest. Rule #1: choosing your barbecue solely based on its colour is NOT a good idea – what a surprise! Rule #2: for any appliance, John Lewis has got a very good selection of quality items – so even if you don’t want to buy through them, it’s always a good idea to check their website. After a bit of research, it seems that Weber is a reliable brand. The Weber barbecues come in all shapes and sizes, with or without plancha; and many work on gas. Mr WembleyWonderful only swears by gas barbecue, as they help avoid massive couple fights when the coal barbecue just won’t start and all the rest of the food is ready – do it ring a bell? To get a gas bottle, internet is best – we use the Calor website.

So now you’ve got a barbecue, what to cook on it ? Meat-wise, we adore beef prime rib (=côte de boeuf) – the one from CostCo is amazing; marinated lamb cutlet; or simply burgers with melted cheese on top. Fish-wise, large frozen prawns from Costco are great on skewers; or grilled scallops – these ones we buy fresh from our favourite online fish shop The Cornish Fishmonger. And for the veg-lovers among us, vegetable kebabs with some halloumi cheese are perfect.

And what about drinks? I am not a big beer fan but this seems to be the obvious combination with barbecues. Another very British option is Pimm’s – a lovely alcohol that you dilute in lemonade and in which you add mint leaves along with slices of cucumber, orange, strawberry. The only risk is to forget there is alcohol in it!..