WembleyWonderful Tips #85: A Guide to 7-Seater Cars

With a family of six, our car choices have for the past few years sadly been restricted to 7-seaters – no more fancy-looking, sleek and reasonably sized 5-seaters on the school-run! Talking with friends with smaller families, it seems that more and more people like having the option of additional seating. So I thought it would be useful to review what’s available on the market. Beware that all this is utterly subjective and from a non-car specialist, whose most important criteria for choosing a car is the colour!!!

Here is a quick summary of as many 7-seater cars that I’ve been able to think of– apologies if you own a car I missed:

From my personal point of view:

If you buy a car on the basis of this advice, do let me know – I’ll try and get a commission:-)…