WembleyWonderful Tips #83: My Favourite House Gadgets

A few years ago, while I was hosting a Thermomix demonstration for my friends to show them how life-changing this (then new to me) piece-of-kit was, one of them told me how much of a house gadget fan I was. I had never considered myself in that light and I was quite offended initially. But a few Thermomixes later, if I honestly think about it, I own enough kitchen machines and other house paraphernalia to fully classify as complete gadget addict – as long as they make my life easier! So here is a little review of what I own and truly use.

  • My beloved Thermomix! After years without any kitchen robot whatsoever, this has been a life revelation!! My Mimix melts chocolate without burning it, transforms it into a yummy brownies, mixes creme anglaise on its owns in 8mn, steams vegetable, makes soup for the 6 of us every day of the week in the colder months (August to June?..); and so many other things! Of course, I could do all that without a Thermomix but it is so much quicker with on, two, three! There are also lots of 100% reliable recipes available online – my favourite sites are Yummix and the Australian Thermomix Community.
  • My everlasting bread machine. This is probably one of the first large kitchen gadgets we bought when we moved to England 18 years ago – at the time, posh bakery chains did not exist and bread from supermarkets was truly something you wanted to avoid. I am not sure why we chose this brand but apart from having to change the mixing bowl a few times it has lasted us ever since! Their recipe book is amazing – I use the pain blanc and pizza recipes constantly. But the secret is – I never ever bake my bread in the machine, always in the over with a bowl of water to keep it moist. We are now so used to home-made bread that we bake our own bread even when we are in France…
  • My on-and-off yogurt maker ( mine in the old, non-fluorescent version…). In the good old days plain yogurts (without fruit, chocolate, toffee or other weird flavours) did not exist in the UK; and what was called yogurt was closer to jelly than dairy. So here too we had to invest! We’ve been using this machine a lot initially, then a lot when the children were younger, much less now as the range of what you can buy has improved dramatically. But I come back to it every so often, when I get worried that the family is eating far too many unnatural food stabilisers!
  • And for the slightly less sizeable gadgets, I like my Hanson electronic scales (after a childhood or using a graduated jug and my not-so-reliable instinct…), my Andrew James hand mixer which is so old you can’t find it anymore in Amazon (!!!); and my recently discovered Brabantia stackable storage jars, so helpful to store all my new (non-wheat) flours!

Outside of the kitchen, I’ve been far less successful at finding things I really use, despite many attempts. The one thing that I do use very regularly is my ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, which saves me lots of trips to the jeweller! (not a bad thing …)

What about you? How many gadgets in your life?..