WembleyWonderful Tips #81: The Wonderful World of London Auctions

Last week, I took part in an auction for the first time and it was really nice (the real story is bit more complicated than this but never mind…). So I thought it would be nice to explore the wonderful word of London auctions . Of course, there are plenty of online auctions these days, but being able to view the items you are considering purchasing makes a huge difference in my view.

There are a number of generic auctions , selling stock from lost property or police seizure (nice!), at Bumblebee Auctions and Frank Bowen Auctions – the stock of item is very random though, so I would only recommend to those who like flea markets with a passion!

If you are interested in items for the house – from antiques to more recent furniture, Criterion Auctions is the place to go in London. It has been established for ages, works from two locations (Islington and Wandsworth) and runs weekly auctions which you can attend live or online – the main difficultly is to follow their sales regularly and they have so many! North London Auctions works in a very similar way, with weekly auctions of predominantly home items. Chiswick Auctions is more arts focused but runs regular Interiors and Design auctions like this one. Bonhams is even higher end but their furniture department auctions gather really beautiful items, including decorative arts– they operate from several locations worldwide so make sure you look at the London auctions.

If you love antique jewellery , Bonhams (again) runs auctions nearly every other month in London – the “Jewellery” ones and definitely more affordable than the “Fine Jewellery”, beware! Catalogues are usually published a month before the auction and viewing take place in the three/four days before. The next auction is on 11th April, watch this space!

And for art lovers, Christie’s and Sotherby’s hold regular art auctions in central London.

So for those who dare, good auctioning!