WembleyWonderful Tips #76: Back to Work After a Career Break

Soon, my career as a full-time mum will become as long as my career in banking. All this time I have been toying with the idea of going back to work , but without real motivation, and with a real dread of what I am really going to be worth after so long out of the workforce. I know many parents (mums mainly to be honest) feel the same after a career break, so I thought it would interesting to look at the resources available for us .

The good news is that going back to work after a career break is no longer taboo. Many resources have emerged to help mums make this transition . Women Returners is a professional network offering advice, networking opportunities, coaching and job offers; and organising a number of events in London . Women Like Us is a charity offering career advice for women with children, with free “advice packs” on their website, part-time job offers and free career coaching to low-income parents. Workings Mums offers jobs for part-time, franchise and returners workers, as well as events and advice.

Employers have also realised that returners can be worthwhile employees to them. More and more are creating back-to-work programmes specifically designed for us (how flattering!). Here is a non-exhaustive list of some opportunities available:

Obviously after all this research, I am still looking for my dream job: intellectually stimulating, well paid, 10am to 3pm so that I can drop-off and pick-up the children; and with ALL school holidays off. Keep looking…