WembleyWonderful Tips #74: Tidying-Up Frenzy

Welcome to the 74th edition of WembleyWonderful. After a week back from holiday, I am still going strong on my new-year resolutions, although this all new exercise regime has been VERY painful. Now the challenge is to make this new-me last, hum hum…ENJOY AND KEEP POSTING YOUR ADDS on [www.wembleywonderful.com](file:///C:/WembleyWonderful/www.wembleywonderful.com)! AND PASS THIS E-MAIL ON TO NEW LIL PARENTS! [email protected]


Do you need help to move or relocate close to LIL? Albane is a school mum and is offering house hunting and relocation services, more details here.

Would you benefit from a bit of help tidying-up? Isabelle is school mum and professional organiser and declutterer, so do call her if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the brand-new mess Christmas has brought into your house (or is it just me?). More details here.


On top of all my other New Year resolutions, January is always the time when I go into a complete decluttering / house reorganisation frenzy . I am not sure whether it is due to all those Christmas presents invading my house, or to the cold weather which keeps me from outdoor activities, but any excuse is good currently to buy new hangers, filling cabinets and storage boxes. Oh well…

Here are a few tips for tidying-up efficiently:

  • Do read Marie Kondo’s book to put you in the tidying-up mood; but do in no way follow all her advice! For instance, throwing away all you tax papers, which you could be asked for years later by the French or UK tax authorities, is a very bad idea! (I did it…) Also getting rid of all the books you are not constantly re-reading is not very clever (hum hum) when you have (four) children who might eventually be interested. (I did it too…)
  • Make the inside of your clothes cupboards pretty by buying new hangers. I know I am a complete madwoman but I HATE with a passion randomly collected hangers (from shops or dry-cleaners), which never match, so I make sure I buy only three types from Amazon: these extra slim ones for most clothes (dresses, shirts, cardigans, lightweight jumpers) – the shoulders notches are vital to keep clothes on; these nice wooden ones for bulkier tops and trousers; and these ones for skirts.
  • Maximise the use of charity shops. I find that getting rid of things is much easier in the UK than in France, thanks to the myriad of charity shops happy to take in all your unused items. They will even come and collect bulkier items (such as furniture), which requires a bit of planning but will save you a trip to the tip! You are also hugely welcome to use WembleyWonderful to give away or sell items, from my own experience they go VERY quickly, as the school meeting point makes exchanges very easy!
  • Become an IKEA fan. I am sure I am preaching to the converted but I have never ever found any better place for storage cabinets, clothes cupboards, boxes… My favourite ranges are PAX for wardrobes – they are so modular that you can change the inside whenever you want, which is definitely not the case with expensive made-to measure cupboards; KALLAX for kids’ toys, books and general mess; and DRONA and SAMLA for boxes to hide mess into. I am still looking for the perfect bookshelf but I’m sure I will eventually convert to BILLY.

Of course another option, rather than following my advice, is to call up Isabelle who will do all the tidying-up for you! Whichever your choice, enjoy you new, mess-free house!