WembleyWonderful Tips #73: New Year Resolutions

I am a real caricature – comes new year and I am full of good resolutions and overly ambitious projects. If you’re unlike me (lucky you…) and looking for suggestions to make your life difficult, here they are!

  • Exercise more to fight fatigue. This year wasn’t great for me health-wise, with a long episode of chronic fatigue, so this year I’ve decided to fight back by varying my exercise regime. Over the past few years I’ve been a big fan of Davina MacCall’s aerobics DVDs , but this year I want to do a bit more: join one of Marion’s classes to exercise with others (see her add above); go for a run once a week to breath some fresh air – even if I hate running with a passion!; and start a Pilates course (this has been on my wish list for three years at least…).
  • Cook more healthily . With my newly found wheat and egg intolerance and with the Christmas holiday ahead of me, I’ve had plenty of time to explore new recipes . So here is my new favourite website for gluten-free recipes – for the moment I have mainly tried the cakes and biscuits recipes (naughty me!), and I would strongly recommend this recipe for a surprisingly healthy brownie, this one for a rich and festive chocolate cake and this one for yummy cookies. Another website I like a lot is Yummix, initially intended at Thermomix owners but I’m sure you can make most of the recipes with a plain blender – plus there are very often recipes for people with food intolerances, such as this egg-free meringue (chickpea water is slowly but surely becoming my best friend…). I have even managed to cook a perfectly edible wheat free pizza with the Dove farm Freee bread flour, just using the bread recipe on the pack – the trick is to pre-cook the base for 10 minutes before putting the topping (very counter-intuitive for a pizza).
  • Learn to do more with my hands . Being a sewing and knitting addict is obviously not enough so I clearly need a new hobby! (Mr WembleyWonderful is pulling is hair off right now…). The Good Life Centre, near Waterloo, is offering loads of exciting workshops in DIY, woodwork, upholstery, sewing, etc… Barnett Upholstery, in Battersea, is offering upholstery classes of various length, I just need to find an old chair on E-Bay to re-upholster now…
  • Do more fun things with the family. There are so many opportunities of fun things to do with the kids in London, but when you get stuck in the daily routine you miss most of them. So over the Christmas holiday I went into a frenzy and booked us to go to Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall; this year’s production of the London Children Ballet – we’ve been before and it is amazing for children to see other children perform at such professional level; and to an Ice Disco at Alexandra Palace.

And you, what are your projects for 2018? Don’t hesitate to post on www.wembleywonderful.com if you need help to fulfil them!