WembleyWonderful Tips #66: London Doctors Recommendations

Now that the winter is in full gear, the WembleyWonderful family seems in constant needs of various doctors. It took us many years to stop going back to France for general medication, specialist appointments and even operations – but we are now convinced that medicine is as good here as on the other side of the Chanel! For those still lost in the maze of London private doctors, I thought it would be worth sharing a list of the doctors we as a family have used and liked .

  • French medical centres in London have proliferated over the past few years. They offer access to a wide range of specialists, most often French doctors practising mainly in France and spending a few days each week or each month in London. The Medicare Français, near Earl’s Court tube station, has been established for ages. La Maison Médicale, near South Kensington tube, is more recent but has plenty of doctors too. The Medical Chambers Kensington, near Earl’s Court, definitely occupies the nicest building! It offers access to both French and English doctors, who tend to practise full-time in London. We have visited these centres at various occasions and all was fine; but I must admit that I prefer French doctors who work full time in London, as they are better able to give recommendation of London specialists if need be.
  • Generalists and paediatricians. For general health issues, Dr Helene N’Guyen (for adults, at the Medical Chambers Kensington) and Dr Annie Claudel (for children) have been our family doctors for many years. They are both French but have been practising in London for many years and can direct you to a wide range of London specialists if need be. Sadly, Doctor Claudel is leaving London soon so do let me know if you have a paediatrician to recommend!!!
  • Dermatologists . Professor John Harper is specialised on children skin conditions, in particular eczema, where he has worked wonders on Miss WembleyWonderful #1. Dr Conal Perret treats a wide range of dermatological condition for adults and can perform minor (but quite sophisticated) surgery in his practise, fair-skinned Mr WembleyWonderful is a regular patient…
  • Allergies . French speaking Professor Gideon Lack treats paediatric allergies and in particular performs desensitisation courses not available on the NHS, which we have been following for our eldest. Professor Georges Du Toit has also been recommended to us but we’ve never met him.
  • Back, legs, foot etc pains… The London Orthopaedic Clinic deals with broken bones, ruptured tendons, joint and muscular pains and so on; and Dr Lloyd Williams sits very high on my praise list, having sorted my ruptured Achille’s tendon with no operation and being about to sort out my bunion (with an operation this time…). 15mn-drive from Wembley, Stanmore is home to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, an NHS hospital, but most doctors also have private clinics running at nearby Spire Bushey Hospital – Mr Johnathan Miles (beware, surgeons are designated by Mr, not Dr!) is our favourite hip & knee specialist.
  • Psychoterapists. Dr Shadi Shanavaz is a psychotherapist, with a specialty on couples and family therapy. Justine Beriot specialises on children’s therapy, do contact me if you want here details.
  • Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. Physio For All provides physiotherapy and osteopathy in South London, including very hard to find in London post-birth pelvic floor re-education (www.physio4all.com). CHHP on Harley Street has excellent physiotherapists. Dr Mathilde Konczynski of Body Sphere is our favourite osteopath ever!
  • Plastic Surgery. For the more elective type of surgery, Dr Bassim Matti is an amazingly competent Plastic Surgeon, highly rated for rhinoplasty but also performing a wide range of other procedures.