WembleyWonderful Tips #65: Hallowen Celebration Ideas

If you’re planning to stay in England around Halloween, you mustn’t miss the celebrations! Although France has tried to emulate a bit of a Halloween spirit, it is so much better here! So here are a few ideas of what to do.

The most exciting bit of Halloween for children and for sugar-craving adults like me is the “Treat-or-Trick” frenzy, where complete strangers let you knock at their door for hours and give you sweets to thank you for the trouble – no wonder us French can’t do it! Last year, we went to St John’s Wood, by far the best area for T&T in London due to its high concentration of American expats, and it was AMAZING!!! – the children collected so many sweets food they did not even notice how much I stole… The fun takes place on 31st October, from nightfall (better be there early than late though, it gets very crowded). The best streets are Carlton Hill, Clifton Hill, Loudoun Road and Springfield Road, all easily accessible from St John’s Wood tube station.

Halloween is also the perfect excuse for estates around London to organise themed activities for children during the half-term holiday. To name a few (many tried and tested by the WembleyWonderful family):

And my absolute favourite recipe for Halloween (already published last year but I just can’t get enough of it): pumpkin pie! If like me you feel a bit dubious about tinned pumpkin it can easily be replaced by fresh pumpkin or butternut squash.