WembleyWonderful Tips #62: LIL Parents are an Active Bunch!

As the LIL Community keeps expanding and it is more and more difficult to get to know everyone, I thought it would be worth highlighting all the wealth of competences that LIL parents bring. So below is a quick summary of the different things that LIL parents do that could be useful to you .

W like WembleyWonderful: I’ll start with a bit of self-advertisement (why not!), completely not abiding by the alphabetical order! WembleyWonderful is a forum created for the LIL community. We are free, not for profit, created by LIL parents for LIL parents (children, staff, friends…). Our aim is to foster a happy, close-knit community. Do feel free to join us by registering; and to start posting! – I’ve reposted how to do it here, because the site is so user-friendly … We cannot afford advertising and the school is not keen helping new parents know us so do pass on the message that we exist!

C like Catechism – Volunteer parents organise every year catechism in French very close to LIL , they are actually having an information meeting today, details are here.

D like Decluterring – or the art of hiring someone to clean-up your mess. This is exactly what Isabelle does with her business – being a tidying-up freak myself I absolutely LOVE the idea!

D like DJ – Laurent is my favourite DJ ever and has started organising after-work events for people like you and me, not in their 20’s anymore but not in their 60’s yet! Here is a link to the forthcoming one, and hopefully after that Laurent will be back in North London PLEASE!

E like Exercise – Lovely Marion is running her intimate Zest for Life exercise studio, 5-mn walk from LIL and offers a wide range of classes after school drop-off. She even offers a trial pass in September, if you’re feeling uncommitted… (Sounds like me? Surely not!)

F like Food – Sandra and Elisa run regular brunch events near school, which are great opportunities to meet new people and taste delicious food, but they are cheeky monkeys and did not post for their forthcoming event this Wednesday. If you want to go, do contact me and I’ll put you in touch.

H like Housing – Albane runs her real estate business in the Wembley area and beyond and is keen on advising French families on the intricacies of the English housing market. And Stephanie runs her relocation agency to help make your move to London smoother.

L like Language Lessons : Grainne is a qualified English teacher and is offering English lessons near school.

P like Positive Discipline – Karine organised several worshops on Positive Discipline last year, hopefully she’ll organise more this year.

R like Random Parent Groups - Last year, we tried to formalise groups for parents who shared a common interest or lived in the same area and were keen to meet, but with limited success. As far as I know only the Wembley, Willesden Green, English Conversation and Sewing Groups are active. If you would like to join these groups do contact me and I’ll put you in touch. If you’d like to create and actively manage a group do not hesitate to advertise on the website. From my experience with the Sewing Group it is a wonderful opportunity to meet people outside of your usual kids-age driven circles, with whom you will develop a strong connection.

S like Singing – I know, you know, we all know what I am talking about but let’s not mention him… Plus he never advertised his business on the site…

My brain is not at its best currently so I KNOW I must have missed people. Let me know if that’s the case and I’ll rectify next week. If you would like to advertise what you’re doing on WembleyWonderful you are welcome, that’s what this website is here for too!!!