WembleyWonderful Tips #56: Clothes Cupboard Organising

As you will probably have understood, clothes are one of my addictions in life. The problem is now compounded by my sewing frenzy– not only do I buy a lot but I also make a lot! So clothes cupboard management is absolutely key to keeping my sanity! (I am a bit a tidying-up freak too… I know, many many vices)

So here are a few tips which help me keep things organised and pretty:

  • I always use the same hangers and never ever keep the ones I get given from shops or dry cleaners (I know it is not environment-friendly but it looks so much better in my cupboard!). For most clothes, I buy those really flat metallic ones, they are coated so they are soft to manipulate; and very importantly they have shoulder notches so the clothes do not slip! For trousers and coats I prefer those nice wooden ones; and for skirts those ones.
  • I hang as many things as possible , as I find piles messy to manipulate; and it is so much easier to have everything side by side to choose and coordinate what to wear.
  • I organise clothes by type in my cupboard (a rack each for tops/ bottom/ dresses/ coats); and I colour-code everything , from light colours on the right to left colours on the left. I was laughing out loud when I found out one of my husband’s colleagues did that for his shirts but then discovered it is an amazing time saver when you’re choosing your outfit. And it looks very nice and peaceful when you open your cupboard door.
  • I am a fan of the IKEA PAX wardrobes , we had them for many years and they are the most practical, versatile thing ever! The line is never discontinued so if you need to add or change the inside organisation, it is very easy and very quick! The doors are not my favourite though so over the years we have hidden them behind curtains, Japanese panels, traditional reclaimed doors – many possibilities.
  • And of course I get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore on a very regular basis – kids clothes go to family and friends with younger children (except for the box I’m saving for my grandchildren, I know, completely nuts!); and most of my stuff goes to charity shops.

Another option is to ignore all my advice and hire a professional declutterer (what a wonderful job!) – Isabelle is a mum at school and does just that