WembleyWonderful Tips #47: What to Do in London for Easter

After a sleepover/ horse riding/ 11 children in the house birthday party on Friday night and a pre-teenager / let’s go bowling/ another 11 children in the house birthday party on Sunday, I have decided I WILL NOT give you any birthday party tips. Well, actually, just one: avoid parties! And also avoid having children born in the same month. Actually, maybe avoid having children at all. I am so so tired…

So now comes the happy prospect of having my four children to myself in London, all of the Easter holiday! For my sake and hopefully for your use, here are a few ideas of what can be done with them.

A few worthwhile art exhibitions are currently on for those with more grown-up children of those (like me) whose children will do anything for lunch at Itsu near dad’s office (sad I now…). So currently we have: David Hockney at Tate Britain; The American Dream at the British Museum; Michelangelo and Sebastiano at the National Gallery.

Another option for a rainy Easter break (hopefully not!) is going to the movies – funny I should advise that as I am unable to stay inactive in front of a screen for any period of time, but I could try and take my knitting with me… The latest kids’ releases are The Beauty and the Beast (with Emma Watson in it, my eldest is very excited); The Baby Boss ; and Smurfs, the Lost Village.

As for days out, the National Trust is my go-to place for things which will suit the all family. Fenton House and Garden in Hamptsead is organising a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt in the its gardens (14-17 April, booking needed); as well as Musical Wednesdays every week between 14.30-15.00. Osterley Park and House Osterley Park and House has masses of activities happening: a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt too (1-17 April, no booking needed); Jurassic Kingdom (1-17 April, tickets online or at gate); and a Bunny Hide and Seek Trail in the house (1-17 April). Cliveden is organising Tree Climbing for children on 3-4 April (booking needed); a Game of Clues for children 8+ and adults (1,2,8,9,15,16 April and other later dates) and yet another Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt (1-17 April).