WembleyWonderful Tips #44: Quick Recipes for Sunday Night

I don’t know about you but Sunday night is definitely not the time when I want to cook – after hosting or being hosted by friends most of the weekend, which usually involves plenty of eating and drinking, I think I could go without a meal until the next day (at least!). But my children will never agree to that, so here are the recipes I use to please them (for 4 to 6 people

  • Green peas soup with roasted bacon. ThIS soup is the best ever, no peeling involved! Put 1kg of frozen peas (ideally called “petits pois”, they are smaller and less sandy) in boiling water with one cube of vegetable stock, boil for 15mn, mix, add a bit if cream if you want. While you’re doing that put thin bacon slices in the oven at high temperature / grill until they become really crispy. DONE!!!
  • Tomato and red pepper soup – my children’s absolute favourite! Fry one onion, add three red peppers (unpeeled of course!! but washed and seeded) and three tins of chopped tomatoes, cook for 15mn, add salt and mix. Serve with soft boiled eggs if you’re felling ambitious. DONE!
  • Pain perdu . Cut large sizes of bread, soak them both side in mix of egg + milk (+salt) until bread become humid but not completely disintegrated, fry in pan at low temperature – DONE! This can be served with the above soup for hungry people, or just with lettuce.
  • Tomato omelette . In a frying pan, put some olive oil and two small tins of chopped tomatoes (my speedy cooking best friends’, as you’ve noticed), add beaten eggs (about two per person), cook to your liking, DONE! This too can be served with lettuce.
  • Quiche sans p â te / without dough. Mix 4 eggs, 670ml of milk, 140g of flour, 140g of cheese, 400g of ham or a combination of ham/lardons. Put in oven for 50-60mn at 200C/ th.7. DONE!

For the sake of looking like a perfect mum, I am only displaying the healthy ones, but I am guilty of also cooking coquillettes jambon gruyere quite regularly!