WembleyWonderful Tips #40: Upcoming Art Exhibitions in London

London has tons of amazing art exhibitions organised every year; but I never get organised enough to go. Very often I realise the exhibition is happening when it reacheS its end; or it is simply not in my diary so I just forget.

Thanks to you my WembleyWonderful readers, this year will be different! For you I’ve compiled a list of all upcoming exhibitions which seem really worth a visit.

The Tate Modern is organising two highly attractive exhibitions:

  • Alberto Giacometti (10 May- 10 September 2017) – the last Tate exhibited Giacometti was 50 years ago, so this is definitely not to be missed!
  • Modigliani (23 November 2017 – 2 April 2018) – this will also include Brancusi and early Picasso pieces.

At the Tate Britain:

  • David Hockney (9 Feb – 29 May 2017) – interesting for expats in London to discover a major British artist of the 20th century.
  • Impressionists in London (2 November 2017 – 29 April 2018), with works by Monet, Pissaro, Tissot and others. Here as well the theme seems perfectly suited to the LIL population!

At the Royal Academy

  • Summer Exhibition 2017 (13 June – 20 August). This exhibition takes place every year and is the opportunity to buy contemporary art - if that’s your plan, better come at the start, as reasonably-priced pieces go fast.
  • Dali/ Duchamp (7 October 2017 – 3 January 2018), which will contrast and compare about 60 works of both artists.
  • Jasper Johns (23 September – 10 December 2017) – if you’re more into 201th century American paintings than I am.

At National Portrait Gallery

Picasso Portraits (until 5 February) – hurry hurry!

At the British Museum

At the V&A:

Now I just need to put all the dates in my diary… And find friends to accompany me!