WembleyWonderful Tips #39: A Few Ideas for a House Update

I’m not sure why, but January is the month where I want to change everything in the house. As soon as our Christmas decorations are out – and that’s quite early given how sad our poor Christmas tree looks when we come back from holiday – I get into a house updating frenzy. Oh well…

This year, my frenzy has included loads of purchases (but on sale, how good am I, hum hum) … However, the highlight of it all is a paint sprayer to turn my horrid black curtain rails into “shabby chic” beauties, it’s due to arrive today, I can hardly refrain my excitement!

Anyway, here are a few tips and links if, like me, you enjoy making some changes to your house:

  • To paint furniture , I have discovered the amazing range of Annie Sloane chalk paints: they require no sanding whatsoever (yippee!!!), have nearly no smell and with them you can achieve this distressed look I like so much. The colour card keeps expending and the website explains how to mix colours to get even more choice. And apparently, you can spray them, hence my paint gun purchase – I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • To paint walls, doors and radiators I am a fan of Farrow&Ball: here you do need prep work before painting but the paint is lovely to apply, the smell nearly non-existent and the end result is a very deep matt finish I adore.
  • To make curtains, I’ve been using Terrys Fabrics loads in the past, as they have a wide selection of very reasonably-priced curtain fabric – not luxurious but they do the job, especially for bedrooms. On ebay, katsfabric offers high end-of-roll fabric at a discount – but you have to just be lucky and like the designs. And if your budget is higher you can explore Liberty home fabrics for classical British style; or House of Hackney for a funkier collection.
  • I do not make our bedding, I am not that committed, but if you want to buy new bedding beware of two things : first, there is no 160x200 size in the UK for mattress fitted sheet, so you need to buy from a European brand (I use La Redoute); second, most duvet cover don’t have a flap at the end to tuck under the mattress, which personally makes me mad – here too I buy french. But if you don’t mind John Lewis has great quality bedding.

So now no more excuse to refrain the DIY fairy in you!