WembleyWonderful Tips #38: Develop Your Hobbies

On the top of my new year resolution list 2017 is: “taking more time to follow my hobbies” . I adore sewing and knitting and despite having much more time to myself than I ever had over the past twenty years, I never seem to find the time to sit down and do what I enjoy!

I think the best way to follow your hobby it to join a group , as the regularity of meeting with other people somehow constrains you to take the time. Earlier this year, the LIL Parents’ Association asked parents what groups they would like to constitute, so many groups now do exist and the only thing you need to do to join them is to e-mail [email protected].

The hobby groups that have been created for the moment cover:

  • Sewing and knitting (I’m in as you guessed, first meeting is today, hooray!)
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Spanish conversation for parents and children
  • Learning difficulties
  • Theatre
  • And there is a music/ orchestra for adults group in the making

And if you have ideas for other group just let us know on the same e-mail address.

Hopefully these groups will help all of us to being happier by doing the thing we like !