WembleyWonderful Tips #37: Paking Do's and Don't

This is the worst time of the year for me and it is starting soon – packing time!! I genuinely hate packing, although I still haven’t quite found out why. Maybe it’s leaving too many of my beloved clothes behind. Or maybe the logistics of it, which grew more and more complex as our family extended. And of course, it is even worse when it’s packing for our annual Christmas ski holiday! Arrrghhhh!

So here are my dos and don’ts of packing:

  • DO vacuum-pack all clothes that can be – those [little magic vacuum bags](file:///C:/WembleyWonderful/vacuum%20storage%20bags) are on sale everywhere, they work particularly well for voluminous winter clothes such as ski suits and cosy woollen jumpers.
  • DO use flexible bags instead of suitcases if you are travelling by car -we have been using those square, cheap looking bags for ages and they take so little room in themselves…that you can bring more clothes, I know, very counter-productive!
  • DO reduce clothing to a minimum if you are going skiing (I can see all of you knowing me well smiling here, but yes I can do it) – after many years taking way more than needed, this year I will basically be taking one “real outfit” for the children for travel days and outings, two for the adults, and other than that SOLELY thermal johns (i.e. leggings and long-sleeves tee-shirts) as they are what we all wear all the time when not skiing!
  • DO NOT take your Thermomix, surely you can survive without (although I sadly can’t…)
  • DO NOT take you sewing machine and all your sewing kits, it consumes all the room you’ve been able to save by being rational until now … but aren’t humans very irrational anyway?

Have a nice packing, nice holiday and see you in the new year!