WembleyWonderful Tips #28: Voting in the UK

Now that everybody is more or less settled at home and at school, let’s address those quite boring but nevertheless essential tasks (Mr WembleyWonderful is laughing out loud, as he always does all of them…). Registering to vote is one of them, especially for the French who have a presidential election coming up in 2017; but also for everyone else, as not having registered to vote for the local elections in you Council can create unexpected problems.

So how to vote in UK elections ? Locally, if you are a EU citizen, you can currently vote in elections for the European Parliament, your local council, the London Mayor and Assembly; and the Police and Crime Commissioner (whatever that is). Here is the link you should use to register to vote. But you can also use one of the tens of forms you got in your letter box when you moved in, as there is regular mailing that comes through to make sure all voters a registered. Do not neglect registering! Last year, after buying a new house, changing all the kids of school, unpacking trillions of boxes, we were tired and just waited for a few months and we were refused a new mobile phone! – our credit score was too low, as being registered to vote is part of it… Beware!

And how to vote in French elections? For French citizens, being registered to vote with the French Consulate in London allows you to vote in presidential, parliamentary, European elections as well as for French referendums. You need to be registered by 31 December 2016 to vote in 2017 – and if you’re more interested in those things than me you will know we have a presidential elections coming up soon! Here is the link you should use to register to vote.

You may also be interested in voting in the “elections primaires” , which will designate the presidential candidate for each party – if you have a very strong view whether Sarkozy or Hollande should run for president again (un ange passe…) this is your chance. For the Republicains, these primary elections will take place on 20 and 27th November and we were very excited to find out that you do not have to be affiliated with the party in any way, shape or form – look here for more details about the rules. For the socialist party things are still up in the air but I’ll try and stay on top (or, to be perfectly honest, get Mr WembleyWonderful to stay on top).