WembleyWonderful Tips #27: Review of WW First Year

Last year, our many contributors have posted adds which could still be quite useful to new LIL parents, so here is a quick one-off recap.

If you want to get adds published on the website , here is how to do it –you are welcome to write in French or in English, it does not matter! If you get confused, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or talk to me at primary school pick-up – I look overwhelmed when I’ve picked up my four children; but before that I am rather friendly…

Most of us being French or francophile, our most popular subject has obviously been, you’ll never guess… Food !! Our most read posts ever were definitely on where to buy meat in North West London ; and where to buy super fresh fish . We definitely need a where to buy fresh fruit and veg discussion started soon!

If you’ve just moved to Wembley , we had many recommendations of service providers in the area: here is how to find a nice café (mentioned above); a physio; a dry-cleaner; a pest control company, get your car repaired; have a beautician come to your home; or have an endermology session. We even have a local Fitness Studio run by Marion, a lovely LIL mum. And Isabelle, another lovely LIL mum, is a professional organiser and declutterer who comes to you (well, off course…)

A bit further afield, we had recommendations for an osteopath in Ealing; an alternative medicine centre in Highgate; and many tried and tested private doctors around London.

If you are looking for activities for kids and even adults , we have some listed in the different areas around LIL: Stanmore, Dollis Hill/ Willesden Green, St John’s Wood, Harrow, South Hampstead.

If you’re looking for babysitters , have a look: here, here, and here. We even discuss how much to pay them.

And if you’re planning to take advantage of living in London to discover a bit more of the UK , here are suggestions of short-term breaks in the UK; and spa breaks in England.


In the weekly newsletter, I try and give some tips to help face life as a foreigner in London Here are the various subjects I’ve been ranting about:

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All you need to know about the summer sale (I know, I know, a bit of a clothes obsession here, sorry…)

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