WembleyWonderful Tips #26: The Wonderful World of English Car Numberplates

If you followed my recent advice on how to sell your car, you may now have a new car and you know what? – you can actually personalise your number plate!!! (= plaque d’immatriculation in French) I got so excited about it, you would not believe! (Mr WembleyWonderful actually thought I was joking but I was not…)

In theory, your number plate is attributed randomly and for free by the DVLA; and it reflects the date of first use of you vehicle along with a combinations of letters- so vehicles being registered in the first half of 2016 are XX16 XXX, those in the first half of 2015 are XX15 XXX; a bit more convoluted, for this decade the second half of the year is indicated by a 6 instead of the 1, so second half of 2016 will be XX66 XXX, second half of 2015 is XX65 XXX, and so on (for the 2000-2010 decade the second number was 5, so vehicles registered second half of 2005 are XX55 XXX).

All very boring but hang on! Sometimes numbers and letters do look very similar, so you can actually play with this. The first half of 2015 was particularly good because 15 looks a lot like IS – so for me we had the choice of EL15 ENN (Elisenn), EL15 NNE (Elisnne), ELI5 EXY (Eli sexy – of Lord NO!). Looking at other names, it works for AN15 XYZ (Anis), II5 ABEL (Isabel). The joy is that even if your car is brand new, you can still buy an older-looking number plate to match your fancy.

And you can also go completely cheesy and choose non-standard plates: you can currently buy BAR 8IE for £18,995; GLO 55Y for £25,000, MAR IE for £100,000, P5 YCO for £75,000 (who would want this one on their car I wonder).
Lastly, beware! If you don’t choose you registration plate you want to be careful you don’t end up with something looking really stupid – very soon you could be attributed GR66 CON or GR66 CUL, if you do you can actually ask for another one!!

Merci Elisenne! :smile:

Thanks! I think the is the article I had most fun writing ever to be honest!!!