WembleyWonderful Tips #25: How to Sell Your Car in the UK?

How to sell your car in the UK? As we are in the process of doing just that, I thought some of you might be interested to know. So here are the steps we have followed in the past (and will likely follow again soon) when selling our car ourselves:

  • Get a valuation for your car. This can easily be done from the internet, through several websites, but the one historically most prominent is www.glass.co.uk. You just need to register and the site will give you for free three value ranges for your car: “private” is the price you can expect when selling it yourself; “trade-in” if you use an agent (such as the car dealer you are buying your car from); “dealer” is the price at which an agent would sell your car to a third party. If you want to refine your valuation (adjusting for mileage and options), it only costs £3.95.
  • Advertise your car. You can of course use WembleyWonderful; but a better known option for private car trading is Autotrader. It is also a good way to see at what price other cars similar to yours are trading at.
  • Meet potential buyers. We’ve sold two cars privately in the past and it always went well. People came to see the car but we would drive them around in it rather than let them drive it. Also we always asked to be paid by cash or cheque and if cheque we waited for the money to be cleared before giving the keys. And of course we never followed up on requests such as “I will transfer twice the money you’re asking for, then you will give me half of it back in cash along with the car”, or anything sounding suspicious like that.

Of course you can also choose to use an agent, a much quicker and trouble-free solution, but from which you will derive a lower price. In that case your best bet is either the car dealer you are buying your new car from; or the www.webuyanycar.co.uk website, amazingly quick and efficient.