WembleyWonderful Tips #24: Summer Cocktail Guide

Dining Al-Fresco (or outdoors, to be less romantic) is a big thing in the UK – maybe related to the fact that the summer is so short and therefore you need to make the most of it! Here are a few suggestions if you are planning to organise a cocktail party or a big picnic.

For drink, Pimm’s is delicious and so very British! In a pitcher, you basically mix Pimm’s and lemonade (1/4 to ¾ roughly), and just before serving add ice, mint leaves, cucumber slices and strawberries. It is so refreshing you could drink litres without thinking – beware though, quite a bit of alcohol in there, not the best combination with a bright sunny day!

For food, although we enjoy cooking a lot, we now always use Waitrose Entertaining for adults’ canapes (these are our favourite for the moment) and for kids foods (we are fans of this sushi platter) – beware you need to order 5 days in advance; and I would also advise to get the delivery just a few hours before the party so that the food is at its freshest. Although we haven’t tried them, Marks&Spencer also has a Party Food delivery service, which offers similar foods to Waitrose. As for traiteurs, we are not super experienced but Madame Gautier, based in NW9, was recommended by Delphine in the very first edition of our newsletter.