WembleyWonderful Tips #19: LIL versus British Schools Holiday Dates

The LIL have just published their (provisional) holiday dates for the 2016-2017 school year (here if you missed them). Given how early in advance British Londoners book their holidays – our friends invited us to join them for the October 2016 holiday… in October 2015! - it is probably wise to be aware when most British schools are going to be on holiday too . So for 2016-2017, the main points to note (based on the Brent state schools, here – the private schools will be different as they are free to choose their own dates):

  • Monday 5 September : everyone is back at the same time! Beware travelling the weekend just before! It is likely that Monday will be a staff inset day for most British schools though, so the first day of commute might be peaceful…
  • Autumn half term : LIL is off for two weeks while the British state schools only have the first week off (24-30/10), so it will be less crowded to travel during the second week of the holiday – although many private English schools have a second week at that time too.
  • Christmas : completely different dates, as Christmas and new year fall on a Sunday this year, yippee! LIL is 18/12-4/01 while the state schools are off 22/12-03/01.
  • February half-term : LIL is off two weeks, exactly at the same time as the Paris zone in France. The British state schools only have the second week off this time (11/02-19/02), while the private school usually have two weeks off here. Conclusion: book your tickets and accommodation now if you are planning a French skiing holiday!!
  • Easter : LIL’s holidays are similar to the English state schools, taking place the first two weeks of April. Busy busy…
  • No May half-term this year for LIL, but an extended bank-holiday weekend over 24-29/05, while the English State schools are off the following week (27/05-3/05).
  • Summer holidays start 5/7 for LIL , 8/7 for France, 21/07 for the English state schools – quick quick leave London early!