WembleyWonderful Tips #141 -Confinement Discoveries

Two weeks ago I posted lots of suggestions about what to do in confinement – cooking, kids’ activities, sports etc… I thought you might be interested in what the WembleyWonderful family has validated as definitely worth it!

As for kids’ activities, we did give a try to Artesane’s online art lessons and absolutely loved them! We strongly recommend the Lettering class for the all family, very straightforward and with immediate use; as well as the Watercolour basics , definitely more complex but incredibly well explained. We’re also becoming experts at table tennis and badminton but to be fair we had the equipment before confinement.

Sports-wise, I am a huge fan of Ryan Heffington’s Sweatefests – basically once-hour sessions of slightly mad dancing and aerobics move. My 10-yo boy also really likes the Elms’ daily 30mn kid gym sessions , live at 10.30am UK time on Instagram. I also remain faithful to Davina, who now has an online programme with 30-day free membership – definitely a good way to give it a go.

As for food, we’ve had the opportunities to try many new recipes – oh Lord… Dessert-wise, we were absolutely delighted by our home-made marshmallows. As for dishes, I’ve fallen in love with the potato-carrot galettes from the “Simple and Healthy” Yummix cookbook; the onion tart and the burger buns from the Yummix blog; and the potato and tuna fishcakes from the Cookidoo website (all these being utterly child-friendly as you will have noticed).

And I’ve also taken a few resolutions house-cleaning wise : the children are now responsible for changing their bed sheets and cleaning (vacuum, mop, dust) their bedrooms once a week. I only iron what is absolutely necessary (which is so against my instinct…); and they are all learning to cook with daddy (because I am all but patient in the kitchen… oh well). So there’s definitely good stuff coming out of this confinement!

What about your own discoveries during confinement? Tell me!