WembleyWonderful Tips #133 - Are You a Curly Person in Disguise?

If you’ve known me before the start of this school year (and you are more observant than most of my family), you will have noticed that over the summer, I changed in two ways: I became blond and curly. Although how to become blonder is a mystery to no one, becoming curlier has been my greatest discovery of 2019! Here is the secret.

In 2011 (well after I’d given up on my curls), hairdresser Lorraine Massey released a book called “Curly Girl: The Handbook”, which progressively evolved into what is now widely known (well, widely among curly girls, that is) as the Curly Girl Method (or CGM). CGM is basically aimed at a broad range of curls – lightly wavy, slight, medium, very curly all the way to afro – so even if you’ve never thought yourself as curly if may well work for you! It teaches you how to best care for your curls so that they bounce and , most importantly for many curly girls, last for more than a day.

If you’re interested, I strongly recommend reading the book at looking for #cgm groups on Facebook and Instagram – here is a very condensed version of the key rules of the Curly Girl Method:

  • These products you will avoid : silicon, sulphates, drying alcohol, wax, mineral oils. So in theory you’re supposed to read all ingredients on the hair products you buy and check they are fine. In practise, picking a product used by a reliable curly girl does the job – I mostly use the Noughty curly range, and it works wonders.
  • A new language you will learn, with loads of absolutely ridiculous words: pre-poo (conditioning your hair before washing it) , co-poo (using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair – for curly girls shampoo is evil), squish the condish (squishing your hair with water and leave-in conditioner the help establish the curl pattern), pixie-diffusing (drying your hair with a diffuser, section by section), and a lot more….
  • At least five different products in your hair washing routine you will include : a deep-conditioner, a co-poo conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, a mousse, a gel…– and more if you fancy!!!
  • Loads of new gadgets you will buy : a diffuser for your hairdryer, a microfiber towel, a silk pillow… Endless possibilities…
  • Regular hair selfies your will take : progress over time is astonishing, but it’s quite difficult to realise that in the middle of a bad hair day… or bad hair week actually… So you may end-up with more taking more picture of yourself than your teenager, shame on you…

And when people tell you: “your curls, it’s easy, you just wash and go right?”, murder instincts will emerge…