WembleyWonderful Tips #132 - New Year Resolutions ...Yet Again

I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but every January, I am full of new resolutions , even though I know it is a bit of a caricature! That said it is quite fun to put them down on paper and have a look at them at a later stage – not everything gets done but each year there is a step in the right direction . So there you go, here are my wishes to myself for 2020:

  • Diversify my exercise regime . Managing to exercise regularly has been a big life improvement over the past few years, but I have a tendency to always do the same things: high-intensity aerobics using Davina McCall’s DVDs and one weekly core PT session with lovely Marion of Zesty Studio. In 2020 I want to at least introduce some yoga, as it is a massive stress regulator for me – so Marion will definitely see more of me on Tuesday mornings!
  • Plan more quality activities with my family . I’m in the middle of reading “Time and how to spend it” by James Wallman – and despite how badly written it is, it has convinced me that weekend and holiday planning is everything to lessen family tensions!
  • Start facial gym . I’ve been wanting to do it for ages, let’s see whether I’ll manage to book myself for a course at Eva Fraser’s clinic…
  • Write more regular articles on my sewing blog sixmignons.com . While sewing can be quite compulsive, writing about it (as about everything frankly) is very therapeutic – you’ve probably noticed I enjoy writing a lot anyway!!

And that’s about it for this year… Are you like me, unable to escape the New Year resolution plague?.. And if so what are your plans for 2020?