WembleyWonderful Tips #130 - Planning a Cultural 2020

Attending a beautiful musical performance last week made me realise that it is the kind of things I don’t really take my kids to. So my (latest) 2020 resolution is to try and take the family to more varied cultural events , not only art exhibitions. Here is the start of my wish-list for the year – your suggestions are obviously hugely welcome!

  • January : I booked ages ago 6 weekend tickets for the Tutankhamun exhibition , which apparently is amazing, so we are all very much looking forward to it.
  • February : we will be listing to Vivaldi Four Seasons by candlelight at Saint Martin in the Fields
  • March : given how late I booked, it is a miracle that we can see the last London performance of Luzia by Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall! Next year I’ll definitely book in September to avoid the stress…
  • April : This will be the last month of the Picasso and Paper exhibition at the Royal Academy, so if we go it will probably be then.
  • May : Another exhibition I’m afraid! – Andy Warhol is at the Tate Modern between 12 March-6 September, definitely an exhibition not to miss! And Carmina Burana is being performed at the Royal Festival Hall and I’ve been wanting to hear it live for most of my life!
  • June : we’ve seen the London Children’s Ballet performances in the past and it is truly amazing how professional they are – this year, they will be performing Anne of Green Gabbles at the Peacock Theatre.

And… that’s as far as my planning has gone for the moment. There is a Bach cycle of concerts organised that the Royal Academy of Music so that’s something I need to explore. I am also keen to book Christmas events quite early next year, as I missed many by pure negligence in 2019.

What about you? What are your cultural plans for 2019?