WembleyWonderful Tips #126 - How to Get Ready for Skiing

The WembleyWonderful family usually goes skiing at Christmas, so November is the month when we get ready for skiing . I thought some of you might be interested in how we manage this (quite painful, let’s be honest) process . This is a whole weekend feast and we’ve just gone through it, hurrah!!!

First, we check everybody’s equipment and clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t – this usually happens on a Saturday. I store skiing clothes, helmets, glasses and snow booths in big plastic boxes in the loft, so this implies getting all of these boxes out, making individual piles for each child and making them trying everything on – obviously they hate it.

At this stage, I make a list of all the equipment and all the things that will need to be bought . For a week of skiing, the items on my lists this year for each child were the following (if it can help you): ski coat x1, ski trousers x2, thermal tops x4, thermal bottomsx4, fleece jumpers x2, ski gloves x1 pair, ski socks x4 pairs, tubular scarf x1, ski helmet x1, ski googles x1. We’re going to a very cold place this year so two additional items on my list were hand and foot warmers. Thankfully we rent skis and ski boots so one less thing to worry about!

On the list, I have a column for each child, where I cross out what is not needed. And for what’s needed, I put the exact size and number of items to be purchased.

Then (usually on a Sunday morning), we take the Jubilee line and sit all the 22 stops from Stanmore to Canada Water to reach our favourite London Decathlon – although a shop recently opened closer to us, the Canada Water one is way bigger and has plenty of stock. We spend between one and two hours there, first getting all items of clothing, second trying them all on, third fetching the rest of the equipment. And then – we’re done! Yesss……

Well, to be honest, not really. Back home I put name labels everywhere - as all 16 thermal top an 16 thermal bottoms are exactly the same (in different sizes), not having labels is utterly confusing; I wash everything that is going to be close to the body; and this year I have a big plan of putting everything directly into suitcases, six weeks early … I’ll keep you posted on my packing progress, this is the one area where I’m not organised at all as I dislike it so much!

What about you? How do you face the skiing prep ordeal?

You’re SO organised, I’ll hire you! x