WembleyWonderful Tips #125 - My Secret Thermomix Love Story

Let me tell you my (not very well hidden) secret: in my kitchen lives my second love, whom I met many years ago and still love as strongly as on day one, my precious… Thermomix !

For those not familiar with house gadgets, Thermomix is a (reasonably expensive) kitchen robot, which grinds, blends and cooks, basically making your life in the kitchen much easier . But let me be very clear about something: I have no religious fanatism towards the brand ; and I am pretty sure I would have felt in love with any kitchen appliance offering the same options (as there are now many on the market). So this article is more of an ode to kitchen robots in general rather to Thermomix per se.

I bought my first Thermomix out of despair : with 4 children not at school yet, I felt I was living in my kitchen, constantly cooking and cleaning pots and pans. I was desperately looking for a magic tool that would free my hands from spoon, pans and sponges. And Thermomix was an absolute godsend, ticking all the boxes.

Our family life and needs have changed but my fascination for my Mimix (the only of all my gadgets that has a nickname – even my sewing machine doesn’t) has not faded. When I mention it to people who don’t have a kitchen robot, they struggle to see the point, so here are the reasons I love my Mimix so much:

  • As it stirs by itself while the food is cooking, you don’t have to stand behind your pots for ages (think of risotto or crème anglaise) – so in the meantime you can do a thousand other things in the kitchen or elsewhere. What do you mean I’m a multi-tasking freak?
  • Mimix is all-in-one : it grinds, stir, cook, steams – so it replaces a blender, a steam-cooker, a bread machine and even a yogurt machine for the newest version. I have definitely used all these functions regularly (except for the yogurt making).
  • Mimix has super-powerful blades so it can grind any grain , which is wonderful if you’re into alternative flours (chickpeas, rice, etc) due to allergies, intolerances or just out of curiosity – for me it has helped a lot to broaden my diet after finding out I was intolerant to wheat.
  • Mimix makes the best ever soups , all in one dish – how good is that in the winter?
  • Mimix is now connected to the Cookidoo app which, despite its ridiculous name (who on heart made this up I wonder), is absolutely wonderful. For a minimal annual subscription, you get access to all Thermomix recipes books ever published, in all languages. I was dubious initially but after using it for the past two months, I’ve found it an incredible source of inspiration . Even if you don’t have a Thermomix, I would strongly advise you have a look at the app for a free trial, it is truly fascinating.
  • The interactive recipes now available on the appliance mean that children can very easily follow recipes on their own , with very minimal supervision.
  • And I think my favourite thing about my Mimix is the massive community built around it – there are just so many recipes available on the Internet and there are incredibly reliable . My go-to sites are the Yummix French blog (I also own the two books) and the Australian Thermomix Community site.

The said they are a few things I dislike about Thermomix:

  • Mimix is definitely very pricy.
  • You can only buy it though a seller who comes to your home, and not from a shop, which is a very outdated way to sell things in my view.
  • There are not reviews available for the Cookidoo recipes, so it can be a bit hit or miss.

And to finish on a cheeky note – I have actually more than one Thermomix in my life, can you guess how many?