WembleyWonderful Tips #120 - The Joy of Uniforms

If you’re new to LIL , you may still not have fully recovered from the fact that kids do have to wear a uniform – this is so uncommon in France that it usually comes as a big shock, both to kids and to parents. But the good news is that once the all kit has been purchased, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO FOR A FULL YEAR : no arguing with your kids every morning about what they should (well, more likely what they shouldn’t) wear at school; no everlasting shop trips to get the right outfit; no unreasonable spends on branded items – this is pure joy, I promise!

Some items of the kit are mandatory and need to be ordered from the school chosen suppliers indicated here – this include school crested V-neck jumpers, sports hoodies and sports t-shirts. However, for other items, you can go off-piste – how exciting!.. So here are my go-to shops for these:

  • For white shirts, John Lewis is my favourite provider ever – I’ve tried M&S and the quality is just not the same. I have been buying the easy-iron shirts by packs of two for the past ten years and they actually last four children, incredible. But if you’re a better parent than me and keen to thoroughly iron full cotton shirts, JL offers these too.
  • For trousers, I actually prefer Marks & Spencer (yes, because I’m just easy like that). They have so many width (super skinny, skinny, slim, regular, plus fit) and length options for school trousers that I found something that really fits my boys – well actually it really fits boy number one, and then number two has no choice but to wear his brother’s hand-me-downs…
  • For skirts, I equally buy from JL and M&S, as long as I find a pleated skirt with adjustable belt at the back (but not at the front, never a good look)!
  • For shoes, I have been faithful to Start-rite for the past ten years, but sadly discovered that their own brand does not go beyond size 6 (39) – so I am on the lookout for comfortable uniform shoes for bigger kids. Suggestions anyone?
  • And for everything sports related , being French, I order online from Decathlon of course! Even shoes in several size options no that I have discovered that returns are free and super easy from Asda (facing the Lycee, how easy could that be)!

Whatever shop you chose, good luck in your uniform purchase, and do remember: nothing to do for the rest of the year!!!