WembleyWonderful Tips #116 - The Beauty Treatments I Adore

There in only one week left before the school holiday quicks in, arrrggghhh! So for those like me who are keen to maximise their relaxation ahead of this great time of family joy, a trip to the beauticians is a great option. I am very much of a DIY person as far as beauty treatments are concerned, but here are few for which I actually bother going to the beautician for:

  1. Endermologie . This is one of the very few treatments against cellulite that does work - and it is a French patent so we should really celebrate! The beautician basically massages for half an hour your bum, tights, stomach and all other areas with cellulite, with a machine that presses and sucks. Despite the description is really does not hurts, it is more like a firm massage. To see the effects, it is recommended to have 12/14 consecutive treatments at a pace of two treatments a week, so this is a real time-commitment. But I can certify it does work very well, even more so when combined with regular exercise.

  2. Laser and IPL hair removal . These technologies can only be used by dermatologists in France but in the UK they are also performed by beauticians, which makes them much more widely available (but not cheaper I think). A laser or intense pulsed light is applied to the root of the hair and eventually more of less kills it , preventing further regrowth. It is incredibly efficient and such a life-changing treatment. Both laser and IPL are quite painful (from my experience), especially around bony or really sensitive area (and everywhere when you get the treatment in PMS times – just avoid!). Bu t you only need around 5 sessions to get rid of hair for good, so absolutely worth it! You need to top-up with one or two sessions each year to prevent (extremely slow and limited) re-growth.

  3. Shellac, gellac or whatever you call it. Here I’m talking about long-term nail varnish, which on most people lasts for up to three weeks (not on my though, my nails are incredibly oily, bouhouhou – still one week versus 30mn for any normal varnish). This has nothing to do with gel or acrylic nails, which damage your nail base. Here, the application is like a varnish, but the product is different and is set with a UV light, which fixes the varnish on the nail literally forever (once again, except for super oily nails). The result is super shiny and neat. The damage is caused if you remove the varnish yourself by peeling it – it is much better to get it removed by a beautician.

  4. A facial a month . For me, this seems to be what keeps my skin under control. I just go for a very basis cleaning facial (like when I was a teenager, great!) but it really does wonders.

Obviously, I am all ears if you’re keen to share your own favourite beauty treatments! I am very tempted to try facial gymnastics so if you’ve done it let me know!