WembleyWonderful Tips #115 -The foods you need to try before you leave England

As we were having lunch with lovely friends who are soon to leave London (sob…), I started thinking about the foods I would miss if we were to head back to France for good (not that we’re planning to do so anytime soon!). So, if you haven’t tried them, here is a shortlist of my favourite British foods :

1/ Quince paste . Cheese eating etiquette is very different in France and in Britain – for instance here you have either cheese or dessert at the end of a meal but usually not both; and cheese tends to be eaten with crackers, not bread. But my favourite thing is the quince paste that usually accompanies British cheese platters – the taste is very much like a “gelée de coings” but without the sugar coating; and you are supposed to cut a small portion off the bloc, which will enhance the taste of your cheese – as you can guess my portions are always oversized!

2/ Sticky toffee pudding . Although the name is not the most flattering, it is a pretty fair description of my favourite English dessert until food intolerance doom hit me (well, if anyone knows an egg-free, gluten-free recipe I am interested!!!). This is basically a very sticky sponge cake, marinated in toffee sauce, and it is incredibly decadent. To make it even better, you need to soak it in…

3/ Custard . This is a thick version of crème anglaise, but still liquid enough to soak all your cakes in it. Ever since going to British school, my children swear by it… and so do I! It is a perfect match to sticky toffee pudding (see above) and chocolate brownies. Jelly is another of my kids’ favourites but definitely not mine!

4/ Steak pie . A bit like a boeuf bourguignon trapped in a lot of buttery pastry. Not the lightest dish by all standards but so good!

5/ Sausage roll . Here it is a fat sausage rolled into a lot of puff pastry. As you can see, I love light dishes. Yum!!!

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share you own favourites!