WembleyWonderful Tips #109 - End-of-winter treats, but gluten-free please!


Now that the cold weather is back, I am desperate for some sweet treats to fight the cold . My problem is that I am allergic to wheat and egg white, which makes most common cakes a no-no for me! After extensive research, I have built-up a little portfolio of gluten-free, egg-white free recipes , so if you’re keen to avoid gluten here we go.

Bread is a big issue when you want it gluten AND egg free, as most gluten-free recipes will add an egg, I guess to improve the texture. I do find white gluten-free bread quite horrific, even if it’s easy to make with the Dovesfarm Freee gluten-free bread flour - an otherwise remarkable gluten-free brand I have to say. My go-to bread recipe is this Thermomix one (removing the egg), which mixes a number of flours together (white rice, brown rice, chickpeas, etc). All grains are readily available in supermarket and you can make the flours yourself if you have a blender, mixing the grains at the highest strength for 1mn. Only the arrowroot is difficult to find, I get mine from Amazon.

My all-time favourite cake recipe is my brownies cake – it took me ages to find the right gluten-free proportions, based on my gluten-full original recipe, but now I’ve got it, hurrah! So:

  • Melt 200g of dark chocolate (I use Lindt 70%) with 100g of butter;
  • Add: 150g of Dovesfarm Freee gluten-free flour, 225g of sugar, 3 eggs yolk, 105g of chickpea water (to replace the egg whites);
  • Bake in pre-heated over at 175C, for 25mn – no more, even if the cake does not look cooked! Leave to cool fully before putting in a plate, or put some non-stick paper in your cake tin, as this cake sticks to the tin much more than the gluten-full one.

I have also found some lovely gluten-free recipes from the Clem Sans Gluten website. As they are not egg white-free I never pick one with more than three eggs, I keep the egg yolks and I replace each egg white by 35g of chickpea water. My favourite recipes are the Easter chocolate cake – it is absolutely heaven!; and the chocolate brownie-cookies – so yummy! But there a load of other really good recipes, I strongly encourage you to go and have a look.

Another great website is Yummix. This is not a gluten-free website but it very often offers alternatives of the original recipe excluding lactose, eggs, gluten etc… I have tried and loved the egg-free vacherin, using the vegan meringue recipe – and none of my guests could tell it was egg free! And I am very tempted to try the sweet potatoes waffles and the gluten-free donuts next…

And then my favourite two-minute dessert… The tofu chocolate mousse ! Melt 100g of chocolate (I use Lindt 70% of Lindt milk chocolate) with a pack of silken tofu, leave in the fridge for how long you can bear to wait, and enjoy!