WembleyWonderful Tips #107 - My Summer Suitcase in the Middle of the Winter

Next Friday, the WembleyWonderful family is flying to the sun, hurrah!!! This is the third year we’re doing it and although this is the best idea we’ve ever had to beat the winter blues, packing for summer shorts and swimsuits in February can be bit tricky (and you know my love for packing) … So here is a list of the essentials we’re taking with us and links to where to find all of them.

As ever, my personal wardrobe is my key priority – but so difficult to coordinate that I always pack it last, increasing my stress level massively! I am very focused on beachwear so I take (far too many) swimsuits with me – ASOS and Figleaves are good sources when no other stores stock a reasonable selection (obviously I have reviewed the entire selection of those sites while writing this, my packing is definitely not going to progress well if I keep doing that…). With swimsuits you need decent beach cover-ups , here again ASOS has a good selection currently; but I actually prefer the Melissa Obadash ones. And for shoes I am completely addicted to the Melissa (nothing to do with previous Melissa) rubber shoes , you can find a wide selection at all seasons here and many styles are on sale currently.

For the children, we basically take mostly shorts, tee-shirts and swimsuits so all of this is available from Surfdome – plus it’s only cool brands and currently quite a bit is on sale, so no complains possible. For summer sandals I now solely buy Salt-Water sandals , the quality is amazing and the Surfer style suits boys and girls – if I buy them now they will usually last us until the end of August; but you need to carefully follow their sizing indications!

For daddy we usually live off whatever is left from the summer (surprisingly enough, someone is not very keen to go summer shop mid-January!). But a good shopping trip to Bicester Village in spring is essential to renew the summer wardrobe, this is Mr WembleyWonderful’s favourite shopping spot as the entire season shopping can be done in less than two hours! - he even managed to convert several not-really-fashion-aware colleagues…

For toys and other kids’ equipment, we order all our beach and sea stuff from Decathlon – will you believe that most English people actually don’t know the brand!!! Incredible!!! Their online service has improved massively over the past year so no more two-weeks wait to get your order!! We’re going to take these snorkelling masks with us for the first time so we’ll see how they work – well actually I won’t see anything myself, as I am fish-phobic so I avoid snorkelling with a passion… We also always travel with a good stock of Journal de Mickey ; and withour Pokemon Monopoly , to keep everyone entertained at minimal luggage weight.

And for beauty products, you now know everything about my beauty essentials – all these will as usual take a full suitcase… The absolute key thing in our face sun-cream – I ordered it from France as few weeks ago and we’re taking six with us, we are complete sun-cream addicts!

I hope you have a lovely holiday and that these tips come handy at some stage! – maybe closer to the summer, I realise my article is not fully seasonal…