WembleyWonderful Tips #106 - Photo Album Fun (Not!)

This is the time again… of my yearly photo book making! Arrrggghhh!..

I’ve been making photo albums ever since teenagerhood ; and when the children were born, I formalised the process into a yearly, January affair which is … painful to say the least! The result is wonderful though, when you can go back to all the family pictures years back, so I thought I’d share some tips about how I handle the all thing.

  • After year of printing and sticking photos into albums, and getting very frustrated when the photos would eventually get unstuck, I moved to printed photo books in 2010. They are less charming but much sturdier. I use the Photobox photo books – more precisely the A4 standard hardcover, the same every year, yes I am boring like that! The standard number of page is 50 but I extend to 100 .
  • As I love a good bargain (but you know that!), I wait for the albums to be on sale . Photobook has regular offers which get sent to your e-mail if you register to their mailing list. And instead of making the album immediately, I buy credits which gives me time to make the album : you can choose between 1 and 3 months but I would strongly recommend NOT to take the 3-month one. With so much time in yours hands you become too complacent and you hand up doing the album at the last minute, hum hum….
  • For our yearly photobook I always order two: one for the adults and one for the children. This way, the children’s one can be looked at with greasy fingers without me getting upset! I thought about ordering one for each child (on top of these two), for when they leave the house, but I am still pondering about the cost and the sense of such long-term planning…
  • In terms of organising pictures , I regularly upload our pictures on our desktop (at least after each holiday) – I file my pictures by date : “2019 01” for pictures of January 2019 for instance. After uploading, I delete whatever is not worth keeping, crop/ adjust the rest, and create a second folder containing only the pictures worth putting into an album : “Photoalbum 2019 01”. It makes things much quicker when it comes to uploading the pictures to the Photobox website.
  • I upload my pictures to Photobox twice a year, which makes it far less painful that doing it once a year – in June, when I make my photo diary (it runs July to July to match the school year and contains a family picure per week, I love it!); and in January, ahead of my annual photobook ordeal…
  • Every year, I reuse the same template – not hugely creative but much quicker!

And that’s about it! I hope these tips will help you and do not hesitate to share your!

OMG you’re so organised!!! xx

Congrats Elisenne! And thank you so much for making this seem so easy…it’s been on my to do this for ages.

Coming from you Isabelle I take it as a huge compliment!! Thanks!

Thank you Marie - I wouldn’t say easy though… Feasible at best!!!

It’s true!
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