WembleyWonderful #169 - How to make your Amazon purchases benefit our school

Although LIL is a fee-paying school, did you know that it actually is a charity? It means that the profits it makes (if any) are reinvested in the education services it provides. It also means that making donations to help the school directly benefits our children.

One – completely free - way to do it is through AmazonSmile. Amazon decided to introduce this scheme to redistribute part of its sales to charities chosen by customers. If you’re already an Amazon customer, the only thing you have to do is to elect the charity of your choice on the Amazon Smile website (LIL for our purpose) and make all your Amazon purchases on smileamazon.co.uk instead of amazon.co.uk. The prices and services are exactly the same, I actually made cross-comparisons for weeks before committing (because I am mad like that…).

And you can track your donations at any time. For instance, I joined the scheme in October 2021 and I have generated £16.12 since then – not a huge amount but definitely better than nothing. More importantly, the school has received £204.08 from the scheme since it was introduced in August 2021, which means that there is an enormous potential for many more of us to register to the scheme and earn the school more money! SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO REGISTER, it costs absolutely nothing and can do a lot of good.