WembleyWonderful #164 - What to bring back to France

This month, MrWembleyWonderful and I are celebrating our 20 years in the UK . Although we haven’t applied (yet) for English nationality, all our children were born here. And our 5 hours of queue last week show how much British we have become!

When did that happen? For me, the balance tilted when I realised that instead of importing things from France (not only food and wine but also toothpaste, shampoo, baby ear drops, antobiotics and much more), I was actually bringing back UK products when going back to France for the summer. Incredible! And this year is no exception.

So as I seem to be in the mood for random lists, here is what I am taking with me (all links from Amazon for simplicity but in general your local supermarket will be much cheaper!):

Obviously when we’ll be coming back from France our car will be full of bottles of wine, French cider and pots of Casino’s Noisette (the best Nutella equivalent without palm oil) but never mind…

What about you? Do you have favourite British products you just can’t part with?