WembleyWonderful #158 - Order your Covid test kits!

I know that most of the UK (except me, bouhouhou) is now vaccinated, but in case you aren’t, I just wanted to follow up on my testing article of a few weeks ago.

Instead of having to go to a testing centre (which frankly you never want to do, unless you are obliged to), the government has now made ordering tests online much easier . In the past you needed to meet special conditions but not anymore. You just need to follow this link and there you are – you will receive your pack of 7 lateral flow tests within 48 hours. If you think 7 tests are really not enough, you can reorder another kit 24 hours later.

Of course, it does not make the testing process nicer – how can stuffing something deep into your throat and nose be enjoyable I wonder – but at least it is much easier and safer. Enjoy!