WembleyWonderful #156 - Let's all get Covid tested

This week, I am going to a doctor who required a Covid test to see me. So on Friday I went to get my first Covid test at my local testing centre (5-mn drive, 20mn process) and I though… what a wonderful idea!! My life has been so reclusive over the past few months that I did not really feel the need for regular testing; but with children now back to school and socialising rules to progressively relax, I think this will definitely become part of my personal routine.

I’m sure many of you have already done their research but for those who having, here is a quick guide to get tested easily and for free .

The first and most common way is the visit your local test centre . I was surprised to find out only a month ago through a leaflet in my letterbox that within my borough (Harrow), they are 4 testing centres – one within walking distance and one a 10-mn drive. You just have to book a 10mn slot on a website (this one for Harrow), turn up with your mobile phone (you don’t even need your long-ago forgotten NHS number) and there you go! On my experience all slots I could ever have wanted were available, the centre was super clean and very empty (at 8am) and I got my results within 30mn both on my mobile and via e-mail.

The second solution is to collect a kit to test at home . You can collect 2 packs of home test kits at a local collection point, with each pack containing 7 tests. You can find you local collection point here, for me the nearest one is a 10mn drive. I haven’t tried collection yet but I’m definitely going to next week.

The third solution is to order a test kit to be delivered to your homehere. However you need to be under circumstances preventing you to go to a testing centre or yocollect a test kit.

So in summary it is all pretty straightforward and while eagerly waiting for vaccination, I think regular testing is definitely going to be the way for me!