WembleyWonderful #150 - This is the time to exercise

January is usually the time of good intentions and a recurring one for many of us it to go back to regular physical exercise – so this year, while we’re locked at home and that kids are watching us, let’s just do it!

I have been a fan of home exercise ever since I was stuck at home with napping babies. What is essential for me however is to dress in my gym outfit as soon as I wake up and not to change into normal clothes until I’ve actually exercised – the shame of getting changed for no reason always beats my laziness! My routine revolves around Davina McCall’s aerobic sessions on DVDs, which are actually so old that you can’t find them anymore on Amazon… No comment… However, Davina has now gone online and I am quite tempted to give a go to the 14-day free trial.

Another part of my weekly routine is Yin Yoga with Sandrinethis newsletter tells you all about my Yin Yoga revelation! Sandrine does not offer only Yin Yoga but a wide variety of Zoom classes throughout the week and I am a huge fan.

And if you need someone to insulate joy and enthusiasm to your exercise sessions, Marion is the person to go to – she has been my personal trainer for three years so I can testify! An ex LIL Mum, Marion has her studio a 5-mn walk from LIL and offers an enormous variety of group classes, for adults and kids: HIIT, Pilates, Stretch/Yoga, Zumba and many others. During lockdown 3.0, these classes are happening twice a day every weekday – and in normal times Marion is now offering a mix of on-site and online classes. She also offers tailored Personal Training sessions, which I personally really enjoy. If you are struggling to go back to an exercise routine, I really recommend you give Marion’s classes a go as her enthusiasm for fitness is contagious!

Apart for that, the WembleyWonderful family cleverly invested in a gym bike and a cross-trainer recently, which are being intensively used by dad and kids alike (not by me though, as they live in the freezing-cold garage!). And father Christmas kindly brought roller skates to our boys, which they can extensively practise during break time.

What about you? Tell me about your ad your family’s exercise routine, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!