WembleyWonderful #147 - Our little virtual Christmas market

Over the past few years, a group of handy and organised LIL mum have been organising a Christmas market , where you could buy their lovely hand-made products . This is obviously not possible physically this year but we can still do it online!

Yummy treats anyone? Elisa , who I featured in my newsletter last week for her on-order meals and cakes, is also offering Christmas treats : jams, Nutelisa, biscuits, granola, you can mix and match and get them in baskets of gift bags – having tried them all I HUGELY recommend them! All options are detailed here.

Are you still looking for you Christmas advent calendar ? Laurence uses several designs and can customise them for you. And Laure (also known as my partner in sewing crime) has recently opened her Etsy shop, where she sells a variety of hand-sewn and hand-knitted items: advent calendars, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree cushions, teddy bears, shawls – obviously I got tempted and bought two teddy bears for our friends’ (not-so) new-born babies while writing this newsletter. Oh well…

My friend Helen of Luxe 39 makes the most exquisite velvet cushions , in all colours of the rainbow. If you are buying them as a gift, I would recommend you get a gift-voucher, along with samples of all colours available – this way you can’t get it wrong!

And lovely Anaïs (formerly working at Vie Scolaire) has created her own delicate jewellery line , working with natural stones.

Being an obsessive sewer and knitter, I should definitely be contributing to this Christmas market, but I’ve never been organised enough! Another time… In any case enjoy your Christmas shopping!